About Jillawarra Project

100%-owned by Galena, the Jillawarra Project comprises an elongated tenement package covering approximately 76km continuous strike length and 60,000 hectares (west of the Abra Base Metals Project) along the base metal prospective Jillawarra Sub-Basin, located within the Edmund Basin in the Gascoyne Province of Western Australia.

Jillawarra hosts several base metals prospects which have been explored since the 1970’s by various companies, with the bulk of the exploration work completed by Amoco, Geopeko, Apex Minerals and Abra Mining Limited. The work completed by these companies identified several base metals, manganese and gold prospects, of which Quartzite Well, Manganese Range, Woodlands, Leader-18, TP and 46-40 prospect were subject to early stage exploration. Most of the drilling complete within the Jillawarra Project investigated the first 100 to 200m depth.

The main prospective corridor within the Jillawarra Project lies within the margins of the Quartzite Well – Lyons River Fault which extends east-west along the entire tenement package. Nevertheless, the contact between the dolomitic sediments of Irregully Formation and the lower sedimentary unit, polymictic conglomerate, of the Kiangi Creek Formation represents an important marker for the occurrence of base metal mineralisation as seen at the world class Abra Base Metals Project.

A stratigraphic column showing the likelihood of metal concentration along the Jillawarra Sub-basin sedimentary units has been developed by Galena Mining’s geology team, also assigning the respective prospect of which that type of mineralisation may occur.

Galena continues to target its Jillawarra assets with geophysics and physical exploration (including drilling) with ongoing work programs.

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